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    Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

    For the wellness of Thai people” and “advancement in Medicine

  • Service

    The fellow will accompany the staff in their clinical activities and be responsible for managing care of emergency & elective cases in outpatient clinic and inpatient ward with supervision of attending staff. Additionally, the fellow will be required for running the morning outpatient clinic (8.00-9.00) for general orthopaedic patients twice a week. The fellow will also function in supervising the respective residents. The fellow will not be required to take a call.
  • Research

    The fellow will work closely with individual attendings with instruction on study design and preparation, and preparing of manuscript. Each fellow will be required to complete at least one research project, either basic science or clinical research, that leads to publication during the fellowship.
icon   Fields of Orthopaedic Services with advanced surgical technologies


relieve all conditions of backpain and aging bone pathology both upper and lower spine. Joints replacement surgery (hip,knee,ankle etc.)  with open and minimally invasive techniques


treat all ligament injuries by advanced arthroscopic technology.



benigns and malignants treated with medication, chemotherapy and surgery



correct all kinds of bone deformities including extremities and spine



 all kinds of fractures and dislocations management